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Executive Committee Meeting Notes for September 4, 2019


Present: Kathy Smith, Dick Kirk, Bob Cobb, Bob Hales, Mary Ann Swanson, Shellie Hadley. Guests:  Brandon Staglin (One Mind), David and Seong Brown

  1. MHB Treasurer’s Report
    Balance: $3,989.00
  2. Recruitment and retention of MHB members – Vacancy in Districts 3 (Zane), and 4 (Gore)
  3. Presentation by Brandon Staglin, Seong and David Brown—One Mind Institute
  4. Board Planning:  Special Topic—Suicide and the Elderly: Risks and Prevention on 9/18/19 at Finley Center, Person Senior Wing (Keynote Speaker: Dr. Patrick Arbore)
  5. BH Director’s Report/DHS-BH Budget Update/Systems Transformation
  6. Dates of tour(s) of The Lakes Campus
  7. PAM Ad Hoc Committee Update -- Site Visits
  8. Conference Attendance Approval
  9. Other Reports, i.e., CALBHB/C
  10. Future topics to add to agenda
  11. Public Comment  

Next MHB Meeting Agenda 09/18/19: Suicide and the Elderly:  Risks and Prevention (Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Patrick, above)

  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Minutes of 8/21/19 (if available)
  • Board Planning
  • Special Presentation: Suicide and The Elderly:  Risks and Prevention                                            (Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Patrick Abore)
  • Public Comments
  • Wrap-Up
  • Adjournment