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Abbreviations & Acronyms


Listing of acronyms and abbreviations frequently used in our Agendas, Minutes and Reports

5150Declared to be a danger to self and /or others
AB3632Assembly Bill-State -mandated MH Services for seriously emotionally disturbed Youth - discontinued by State
ACAAffordable Care Act
ACLAll County Letter
ACTAssertive Community Treatment (program run by Telecare)
ANSAAdult Needs and Strengths Assessment–a“tool”for determining which Services are needed by each particular adult client
AODSAlcohol and Other Drugs Services – now apart of the Mental Health Division and called SUDS
ARTAggression Replacement Therapy
BHDBehavioral Health Division (Sonoma County )
CADPAACCounty Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators ’Association of California
CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Health care Providers and Systems
CalEQROCalifornia External Quality Review Organization
CALMHB/CCalifornia Association o f Local Mental Health Boards & Commissions - comprised of representatives from many MHBs in the State
CANSChild, Adolescent Needs and Strengths (Assessment) – helps determine which Services are needed by each child client
CAPECrisis Assessment, Prevention, and Education Team; goes in to the schools when called to intervene in student Mental Health matters
CAPSCCommunity Action Partnership - Sonoma County
CARECalifornia Access to Recovery Effort
CBTCognitive Behavioral Therapy
CCAN Corinne Camp Advocacy Network - Peers involved in Mental Health advocacy
CDC Sonoma County Community Development Commission
CDSSCalifornia Department of Social Services
CFMConsumer and Family Member
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFTChild Family Team
CHD California Human development
CIP Community Intervention Program
CIT Crisis Intervention Training (4-dayt raining for law enforcement, to help them identify and respond to Mental Health Crisis situations)
CMHC Community Mental Health Centers, Located in Petaluma, Guerneville, Sonoma, and Cloverdale (part of SCBH))
CMHDA California Mental Health Directors Association
CMHL SCBH’s Community Mental Health Lecture series-open to the public-usually takes place monthly
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CMSP County Medical Services Program - for uninsured, low-income residents of the 35 counties participating in the State program
CONREP Conditional Release Program (State -funded, SCBH-run, but was turned over to the State 6/30/14)
CPSChild Protective Service
CPS (alt)  Consumer Perception Survey (alt)
CRUCrisis Residential Unit (aka Progress Sonoma - temporary home for clients in Crisis , run by Progress Foundation)
CSU  Crisis Stabilization Unit (Sonoma County Behavioral Health ’s Psychiatric emergency Services at 2225 Challenge Way, Santa Rosa , CA95407)
CSAC California State Association of Counties
CSN Community Support Network (contract Provider)
CSSCommunity Services and Support ( part of Mental Health Services Act-MASH)
CWS Child Welfare Services
CY  Calendar-year
DAAC Drug Abuse Alternatives Center
DBT  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
DHCS  (State) Department of Health Care Services (replaced DMH July1, 2011)
DHS Department of Health Services (Sonoma County )
DPI Department of Program Integrity
DSRIP Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment
EBP Evidence-basis Program or Practice
EHR  Electronic Health Record
EMR  Electronic Medical Record
EPSDT   Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (Children’s Full Scope Medi-Caltoage 21)
EQRO  External Quality Review Organization (annual review of our programs by the State)
FACT  Forensic Assertive Community Treatment
FASSTFamily Advocacy Stabilization, Support, and Treatment (kids8-12)
FQHCFederally Qualified Health Center
FY   Fiscal Year
HCB  High-Cost Beneficiary
HIE   Health Information Exchange
HIPPA  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIS  Health Information System
HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
HSD   Human Services Department
HPSA  Health Professional Shortage Area
HRSA  Health Resources and Services Administration
IHT Integrated Health Team (medical and MH Services for adults)
IPU Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
IRT Integrated Recovery Team (for those with Mental illness + substance use issues)
IMDs  Institutes for Mental Disease (residential facilities for those unable to live on their own)
INN   Innovation (part of MHSA)
IT  Information Technology
JCAHO  Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations - accredit s hospitals & other organizations
LEA  Local Education Agency
LG Los Guilicos - Juvenile Hall
LGBQQTILesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Queer/Questioning/Transgender/Intersexed (LGBTQ)
LOS  Length of Stay
LSU Litigation Support Unit
M2M Mild-to-Moderate
MADFMain Adult Detention Facility (Jail)
MDT Multi-Disciplinary Team
MHBMental Health Board
MHBGMental Health Block Grant
MHFA Mental Health First-aid
MHP Mental Health Plan
MHSA Mental Health Services Act
MHSD Mental Health Services Division (of DHCS)
MHSIPMental Health Statistics Improvement Project
MHST Mental Health Screening Tool
MHWA Mental Health Wellness Act (SB82)
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MRT Moral Reconation Therapy
MST Mobile Support Team - gets called by law enforcement to scenes of Mental Health crises
NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness
NBSPP North Bay Suicide Prevention Project
NOA  Notice of Action
NP  Nurse Practitioner
OSHPD Office of State wide Health Planning and Development-the building department for hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in State
PA    Physician Assistant
PAM  Program Assessment Matrix Work Group
PATH Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness
PC1370 Penal Code 1370 (Incompetent to Stand Trial, by virtue of Mental illness)
PCP Primary Care Provider (medical doctor)
PES   Psychiatric Emergency Services – (open 24/7 for Psychiatric crises-3322 Chanate Road
PEI Prevention and Early Intervention ( part of Mental Health Services Act-MHSA)
PHF Psychiatric Health Facility
PHI Protected Health Information
PHP Parker Hill Place-Telecare’s transitional residential program in Santa Rosa
PHP Partners hip Health Plan
PIHP Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan
PIPPerformance improvement Project
PM Performance Measure
PPP Triple P - Positive Parenting Program
PPSC Petaluma People Services Center
QA Quality Assurance
QI Quality Improvement
QIC Quality Improvement Committee
QIP Quality Improvement Policy (meeting)
QIS Quality Improvement Steering (meeting)
RCC Redwood Children’s Center
RFPRequest for proposals (released when new programs are planned and contractors are solicited
RN Registered Nurse
RRC Russian River Counselors
ROIRelease of Information
SARService Authorization Request
SB Senate Bill
SBIRTScreening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment
SCBHSonoma County Behavioral Health
SCOE Sonoma County Office of Education
SDMC Short-Doyle Med-Cal
SED  Seriously Emotionally Disturbed
SELPA  Special Education Local Planning Area
SMHS  Specialty Mental Health Services
SMI Seriously Mentally Ill
SNF (Sniff)Skilled Nursing Facility
SOP   Safety Organized Practice
SPMISerious Persistent Mental Illness (or seriously Persistently Mentally Ill)
SUDsSubstance Use Disorders Services (formerly AODS)
SWITSSonoma Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services
TAY Transition Age Youth (18-25)
TBS Therapeutic Behavioral Services
TFC Therapeutic Foster Care
TSA  Timeliness Self-Assessment
VOMCHValley of the Moon Children’s Home
WET Workforce Education and Training (part of MHSA)
WPC Whole Person Care
WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan
WRAP (alt)Working to Recognize Alternative Possibilities (alt)
WraparoundCommunity -based intervention Services that emphasize the strengths of the child and family
YS/Y&F  Youth Services /Youth & Family (Sonoma County Behavioral Health )
YSSYouth Satisfaction Survey
YSS-F   Youth Satisfaction Survey - Family Version