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Mental Health Board Biographies


District 1 - Susan Gorin

Peterson Pierre 120

Peterson Pierre (General Public)

Peterson joined the board in 2019 as a Registered Nurse with over 30 years in the acute care setting. He is currently reading for a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree at Pennsylvania State University. Peterson also holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Sonoma State University.  He also practices as an emergency nurse at a local hospital in Sonoma County.  He noticed mental health patients are not treated with the same urgency as medical patients during his career, and transfer to inpatient behavioral facilities is much delayed. He is hoping to see improvement in that area. Peterson is a part-time clinical faculty at UCSF School of Nursing and current Mental Health Board Vice- chair.

District 2 - David Rabbit

Mary Ann Swanson (General Public)

Mary Ann joined the Mental Health Board in 2004. She retired from running Valley of the Moon Children's Center. She is a member of the Professional Social Workers Organization and has been working on trying to get a School of Social Work at Sonoma State University. At this point, the program is being offered through Long Beach distance learning.  Having spent her whole career working with abused and neglected children, Mary Ann is aware that there are many holes in the system. She is a past chair of the board.

Michael Reynolds

Michael serves as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Living Life Well, a recovery residence providing the most effective and evidenced-based support for those seeking life-long recovery. This grew out of the relationships he developed through his own recovery and involvement on the leadership team for Celebrate Recovery.

In addition, he serves as the Peer Programs Coordinator for West County Community Services where he develops professional development opportunities for managers and staff as well as seeking Peer outreach opportunities in the community.

Michael has dedicated his life to discovering things that prevent him from being who God designed him to be and finding ways to constantly grow closer to that. His greatest joy comes in building a community with those who are seeking the growth that leads to a meaningful life of fulfillment, in order to build the Kingdom of God.

In his spare time, you will find him on a trail listening to a sermon, jamming to music or telephoning with his parents and walking with his constant companion and best friend, Ella. If it’s Sunday afternoon, however, he’ll be on the couch enjoying a pizza and watching a NASCAR race.

District 3 - Chris Coursey

Michael Johnson (Consumer)

Michael joined the board in 2020.  Michael graduated from Clayton School of Arts as an art major. He wants to use his first hand knowledge of the mental health system to advocate for change in the system with more of an emphasis on conversation and communication instead of just medication. Michael wants to acknowledge the strengths he saw from within the system and address those areas that need change.

Vanessa Nava

Vanessa was born and raised in Sonoma County and joined the board in May 2021. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a major in Nutrition & Toxicology - Physiology and Metabolism. Vanessa is very excited and humbled to start her first year in medical school starting Fall 2022. Vanessa aims to decrease mental health stigma within the Hispanic Community and bridge the gaps in access to mental health services. Seeing family members and friends go through unaddressed trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicide, she hopes to be an advocate for immigrant populations to be able to make mental health a priority. 

District 4 - James Gore

Bob Cobb (General Public)

Bob was appointed to the Mental Health Board in 2016. He has a background in engineering and agricultural economics and obtained an MSW at Loyola University, Chicago, with a specialization in mental health. Professional activities have included: hospital Medical Social Worker, rape crisis counselor/survivor advocate and adult, individual and couples, therapist. Bob supports local civic issues, both individually and with established community groups.  His particular interest is participation with groups focused on mental health and wellness, including involvement with Windsor Wellness Partnership and as a cancer support group facilitator.

District 5 - Lynda Hopkins

Nicole LeStrange

Having spent most of her career as an administrative professional in the nonprofit sector, Nicole has been heavily invested in community-driven work in the North Bay area for more than a decade. Motivated largely by personal and family members' experiences related to finding mental health services in the aftermath of recent natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole joined the Mental Health Board in 2023. She is committed to effectively participating in education and activities that reduce the stigma around mental health issues and increase access to community residents in crisis. She has a BA in Political Science from Sonoma State University and spends her free time guarding her husband's fantastic meals and snacks from her two sweet but greedy dogs.