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Human Resources Department

Labor Agreements for Deputy Sheriffs' Association (DSA)

2023 - 2026 DSA Memorandum of Understanding: Article 20: Holidays

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What’s on this Page

  • 20.1 Holidays – Paid
  • 20.2 Holidays – Scheduled
  • 20.3 Holiday – Day Observed
  • 20.4 Holiday – Compensation
  • 20.5 Holiday Compensation - Day Worked
  • 20.6 Holiday – Part-time Employees
  • 20.7 Holiday Pay Maximum
  • 20.8 Floating Holiday

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20.1 Holidays – Paid

The County shall provide full-time and part-time County employees the following paid holidays provided that the employee is in paid status on the employee’s regularly scheduled workdays before and after the holiday.

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20.2 Holidays – Scheduled

  1. New Year's Day, January 1*
  2. Martin Luther King’s Birthday, the third Monday in January
  3. Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12*
  4. President’s Day, the 3rd Monday in February
  5. Cesar Chavez Day, March 31*
  6. Memorial Day, the last Monday in May
  7. Independence Day, July 4th*
  8. Labor Day, the first Monday in September
  9. Veteran’s Day, November 11*
  10. Thanksgiving Day, as designated by the President*
  11. The day following Thanksgiving Day*
  12. Christmas Day, December 25*
  13. Each day formally recognized by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sonoma as a day of mourning, thanksgiving or special observance.

* Date Specific Holidays

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20.3 Holiday – Day Observed

If a date specific holiday listed in 20.2 falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be the County observed holiday. If a date specific holiday listed in 20.2 falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be the observed holiday. All other date specific holidays shall be observed on the date specified in Article 20.2.

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20.4 Holiday – Compensation

A full-time employee whose assigned work schedule includes neither the scheduled holiday nor the observed holiday, shall receive 8 hours of compensatory time. All other full-time employees whose regular assigned work schedule includes either the scheduled holiday or the observed holiday shall receive 8 hours at their base hourly rate of pay.

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20.5 Holiday Compensation – Day Worked

An employee who actually works on either the scheduled holiday or the observed holiday shall be entitled to overtime compensation for the hours actually worked. An employee who works on both the scheduled holiday and the observed holiday shall elect which day shall be at overtime. However, only one day shall be at overtime.

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20.6 Holiday – Part-time Employees

Any part-time employee shall, for each holiday in the pay period, receive holiday pay equivalent to 1/10 of an hour for each hour regularly scheduled to be worked based on the employee's ongoing work schedule. If the employee's total hours in paid status (excluding the holiday benefit) exceed the hours regularly scheduled to be worked, the employee shall receive holiday pay equivalent to l/10 of an hour for each hour in pay status (excluding the holiday benefit).

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20.7 Holiday Pay Maximum 

Holiday pay shall not exceed 8 hours for each holiday.

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20.8 Floating Holiday 

Each regular, full-time employee will be granted eight floating holiday hours effective the first pay period of each year. The employee must be in paid status on the employee’s regularly scheduled workdays before and after using the floating holiday. The timing of the employee’s use of the floating holiday shall be subject to advance approval of the Department Head or designee. Effective January 1, 2024, the floating holiday will be donated by the employees of the DSA bargaining units to offset the cost of the salary of the DSA President on full release of their duties.

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