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Human Resources Department

Labor Agreements for Deputy Sheriffs' Association (DSA)

2023 - 2026 DSA Memorandum of Understanding: Article 9: Bilingual Pay

Article 9: Bilingual Pay

When a Department Head designates a position within the Bargaining Unit which requires bilingual skills on the average of at least ten percent (10%) of the employee's work time, such a designated employee shall first demonstrate a language proficiency of job-related terminology acceptable to the Department Head and the Human Resources Director. Thereafter, the employee shall be entitled to the payment of 90 cents ($0.90) per hour for Fluent (proficient in reading, writing and speaking) or Basic (conversational proficiency); or 45 cents ($0.45) per hour for Sheriff’s Basic (elementary speaking level only), for all hours actually worked. Use of bilingual skills shall include time spent translating, answering phone calls, performing research, speaking with or writing to clients in a language other than English.

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