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Human Resources Department

Commission on Human Rights

Immigrants' Rights Ad Hoc

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The Commission on Human Rights Immigrants' Rights Ad Hoc Committee was founded to advance the goal of protecting the rights of all immigrants in Sonoma County. The priorities of the ad hoc for 2016 included:

  • Continuing and expanding the DREAMers Multi-Media Project, to promote knowledge of the DACA/Dreamers’ law and its importance to the immigrant community.

  • Implementing a program to expand the community and county law enforcement understanding of California SB674: Immigrant Victims of Crime Equity Act, and the related application process for a U Visa obtained through this Act.

  • Informing the immigrant community about other immigration laws and rights, including the potential for the immigration reform Executive Order known as DAPA.

  • Enhancing the understanding and protection of other immigrant rights and opportunities under the law;

We are currently re-evaluating our 2017 work plan and goals due to the recent changes in legislation affecting our immigrant community.


Commissioner Kerosky, Ad Hoc Chair
Commissioner Cervantes
Commissioner Estrin
Commissioner Meraz
Commissioner Rodriguez