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Clerk-Recorder-Assessor-Registrar of Voters

Historical Records Commission

Historical Records Commission Minutes September 1, 2022

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Members present:
Eric Stanley (Chair)
Margaret Purser (Vice-Chair)
Gretchen Emmert
Steven Lovejoy
Michael Mueller

Members excused:

Associate Members present:
Amanda King, Secretary
Deva Marie Proto, County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor-Registrar of Voters

Guests present:
Zayda Delgado, Supervising Librarian, History & Genealogy Library
Jaime Anderson, Collection Services Division Manager, Sonoma County Library
Nour Maxwell, CAO Policy, Grants, and Special Projects Division
Sherry Bevens, ISD, Division Director Enterprise Development Services

  1. Call to order 4:02 pm
  2. Introduction of Guests
  3. The August 11, 2022 minutes were approved
    1. Motion by Steven Lovejoy
    2. Second by Michael Mueller
    3. Approved
    4. Abstain by Margaret Purser
  4. Budget Discussion
    1. Balance is $3,796.07
  5. Continuing Business
      1. HRC Commissioners Report
        • Steven's report:
          • Discussed correspondence with Katherine Rinehart, Advocates for the Sonoma County Archives and the future of the Archives as County Supervisor David Rabbitt discussed with her.
        • Margaret's report:
          • Had a long conversation with Press Democrat reporter, Nashelly Chavez, about the Restrictive Covenant Modification project by the County Recorder.
        • Eric's report:
          • No report
        • Gretchen's report:
          • No report
        • Michael's report:
          • No report
        • Library Commissioner Report  
          • Update by Jaime Anderson:
            • September is Library Card Sign-up Month
            • Received a significant donation of $3.5 million from Graton Rancheria to complete the Roseland Library.
            • Working on expanding hours, hiring and recruiting to lay the groundwork for the upcoming expanding hours.
        • Archives Activity Report
          • Update by Zayda Delgado:
            • Month of August, we received requests for 23 items with 6 items from the County 
            • Looking for new H&G Librarian to start late September/early October
          • Clerk of the Board of Supervisors pre-1906 BOS Meeting Minutes
            • Zayda is working on the paperwork with them to get the materials over to the Archives.
          • Update by Nour Maxwell:
            • Discussions took place between County, Library teams, and the Courts related to Court documents in the Archives.
            • County is still working on the operational agreement terms provided by the Library to clarify roles and responsibilities.
        • Collections & Archives Recognition Awards
        • Outreach
          • Researching the History of Your Sonoma County Building” pamphlet update:
            • Secretary received feedback from H&G Library that edits were needed.  Edits have been submitted and Secretary will work to get updated version on the website and notify interested parties when completed.
            • Steven suggests that County Recorder destroy older printed versions and all customers are directed to the HRC website for the download.
          • Other California County Historical Records Commission
            • Gretchen is working to wrap up the spreadsheet.
          • October is National Archives Month
            • Secretary to prepare Facebook posts related to Collections & Archives Recognition Award nomination form
        • County Recorder update on the status of the Restrictive Covenant Modification Program
          • Working on preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to locate a vendor to automate the process.
          • Working on an online submission form, should be available by mid-September and posted on the Restrictive Covenant Modification information website.
          • Received a quote to image, restore, and preserve Official Records books currently stored in a warehouse.  These records are digitized.
          • Visited the Sonoma County Archives new home to take a visual inventory of Recorder records being held and quality of the books.  These records are digitized.
      2. New Business
        1. Steven asks Sherry Bevens:
          • about any upcoming records retention schedules coming out of Records Center.  Sherry states there are some minor changes but nothing for HRC at this time.
          • if there is any movement on hiring a Records Manager.  Sherry states the Records Manager position will be a part of upcoming discussions about restructuring. 
          • Is there any discussion about moving the Records Center or making it more fire-proof? Sherry response she will take this back to her Manager as an action item. 
      3. Public Comment
        1. Katherine Rinehart submitted an emailed public comment:
          • Russian River Historical Society (RRHS) is holding their Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 22, 1:00PM-3:00PM, at the Marshall House at the Senior Center on Armstrong Woods Road.  The event will cover Katherine’s experience with processing the late John C. Schubert’s Russian River Collection.  The event is free and you do not need to be a member of the RRHS to attend.
          • Reminder that October is National Archives Month.
        2. Deva Marie Proto mentions the November 2022 election is coming up and looking for poll worker volunteers.
        3. Sonoma County Heritage Network Meeting, October 8, 10AM-12PM, at Fort Ross with a tour afterward.
        4. Library Commission meeting, September 7, 2022, 6pm, on ZOOM   
        5. Museum of Sonoma County Exhibits:  
          • Light, Clay, and Copper: Mid-Century Arts and Crafts in Sonoma County, August 20, 2021-Ongoing:
          • Year of the Tiger: Chinese Traditions in Sonoma County, 1890-2022, February 5, 2022-Ongoing
          • Manzanar: The Wartime Photographs of Ansel Adams, February 19, 2022-September 11, 2022
          • Collective Arising: The Insistence of Black Bay Area Artists, June 25, 2022-November 27, 2022
          • SoCoClicks, July 9, 2022-September 10, 2022
          • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), October 1, 2022-November 6, 2022
      4. Meeting adjourned at 4:51PM

      Next Meeting - October 13, 2022 - ZOOM, 4:00PM