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Funding Sources

Division Funding


Operational revenue sources, such as hangar rentals, space rentals for businesses and car rental agencies, and parking, help fund operations at the Sonoma County Airport. The Airport also receives revenue from Passenger Facility Charges ($4.50 per ticket), which further contributes toward covering the cost of operations.

Integrated Waste

TPW owns the Sonoma County Central Landfill and five refuse transfer stations. The Central Landfill is operated by Republic Services, which provides TPW with a portion of revenues from gate fees. Additionally, TPW collects franchise fees from waste hauling companies, which are used for activities such as maintaining closed landfills and providing oversight of operational and collection contracts.


Funding for TPW road operations comes from multiple sources. Capital pavement preservation projects are funded by the General Fund as well as federal grants. Daily road maintenance operations are funded by State Gas Tax revenue, the General Fund, and Measure M. Bridge projects can be funded through State and Federal funding, or Measure M. Various other traffic and safety improvement projects can be funded by Measure M or Traffic Mitigation Funds.  Read more about funding for Roads


Sonoma County Transit uses a state-of-the-art compressed natural gas fleet to serve locations around Sonoma County. Transit receives funding for operating expenses and capital projects from various federal and state sources, such as sales tax and taxes on diesel and gasoline. Transit also receives funding from the local sales tax Measure M (for Local Bus Transit). 

Water Service Districts

Water District operations are funded from rate payer’s base rate (a flat monthly fee connected to all meters) and usage rates that vary based on the volume of water used.

Transportation Funds

Measure M Sales Tax

Measure M is a local sales tax specifically for transportation funding. Measure M funds can be used for Road Maintenance operations, bridge retrofit projects, and other road safety and traffic improvement projects. Measure M funding can also go toward Transit operations (for Local Bus Transit).

State Gas Tax

State Gas Tax provides funding for Corrective Road Maintenance, Roadway pavement Preservation projects, as well as Transit Operations. The amount given to a municipality for road funding is based on the number of road miles it maintains and the number of vehicles registered in that municipality.

Seismic Bridge Retrofit Funds

This funding comes from the State of California, and (as the name suggests) can be used for seismic bridge retrofit projects.

Federal Highway Trust Fund

The Federal Highway Trust Fund is a transportation fund that receives money from a federal fuel tax of 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline and 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel fuel, as well as other related excise taxes. It currently has two accounts: the Highway Account, which funds road construction, and a smaller 'Mass Transit Account' which supports mass transit.

Federal Grants

Federal Grants are awarded periodically to competitive applicants for eligible projects. These grants often fund road improvement projects. The Sonoma County Airport is also funded in part by Federal grants.

Sonoma County General Fund

The Sonoma County General Fund is used by the County of Sonoma to fund various activities across multiple departments. For TPW, the General Fund provides funding primarily for roadway pavement preservation projects (large-scale paving projects) and corrective road maintenance activities (pothole repair, vegetation management, etc.).

Cable Communications Franchise Fees

In the US, cable television services are provided by private (for-profit) cable television companies (e.g. Comcast). Since cable infrastructure is built on publicly-owned land, private providers sign a franchise agreement with municipalities (cities and counties) to provide cable television to residents. As part of the Franchise Agreement, fees are collected by the municipality as compensation for using public land.

In Sonoma County, TPW administers the collection of these fees. These are added to the General Fund, and are typically used to fund services such as public, educational, and government access TV channels. Cable Communications fees are not necessarily a direct funding source for TPW.

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Measure M

Measure M Projects


See listing of current and completed projects funded by Measure M.