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Sonoma Public Infrastructure (formerly TPW)

Our Organization

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

Johannes J. Hoevertsz, P.E., Director

Johannes is the Director of TPW, managing essential services including road and bridge construction and maintenance, airport operations, transit services, integrated waste management, and a few water districts. Currently, TPW employs about 165 people, and operates with an annual budget of about $130 million.

Johannes joined TPW in November of 2015 as the Deputy Director, overseeing airport operations, transit services, integrated waste management, and information systems. Prior to joining TPW, Johannes was the Road Commissioner and Public Works Director in Madera County, and Division Manager of Fresno County Public Works Division of Maintenance and Operations, for 21 years combined.  Johannes is a registered Civil Engineer and a graduate of California State University, Fresno. Johannes is active in the County Engineers Association of California. 

Trish Pisenti, Deputy Director

Trish is the Deputy Director of Transportation and Operations, and oversees Integrated Waste management, disaster funding and projects, transit systems, information systems, water systems and the lighting districts. Trish began working with the County in 2007 as the Integrated Waste Division Manager, and became the Deputy Director in 2018.

Trish has over 30 years’ experience working in the private sector of the solid waste industry. She serves as a Public Sector Director on the Solid Waste Association of North America - Northern California Chapter. Trish has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Accounting from Sonoma State University.

Janice Thompson, Deputy Director

Janice is the Deputy Director of Engineering and Maintenance, and oversees Road and Bridge Design, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance. Janice has a long history with the County, beginning in 1992 as a Civil Engineer for the Roads Division. She became the Deputy Director in 2018.

Janice has over 30 years’ experience, 25 years working as an engineer with TPW. Prior to coming to TPW, Janice worked as a consulting engineer in subdivision design for the private industry for 5 years. Janice is a registered Civil Engineer and a graduate of UC Davis. Janice is a Sonoma County native, born and raised in Petaluma.

Monique Chapman, Deputy Director of Administration

Monique has executive leadership of PI’s customer service, continuity of operations, human resources, information technology, infrastructure grant services, and the County-wide centralized purchasing function.  Monique started with the County in 1997 and has been a fiscal manager since 2011. After working in Child Support Services, Probation, Sheriff’s Office, she found her home with us at TPW/SPI, managing former TPW’s administration since September 2017, seeing the department through multiple fire and flood disasters, as well as COVID. This included management of department fiscal, accounting, H/R, grant, customer service, and records management activities. More recently, she has led consolidation efforts starting in February 2022, including extensive organizational analysis and merging of all department administrative functions.