Behavioral Health Housing Unit

As part of the 2014-15 State Budget Package, $500 million in lease revenue bonds was authorized state-wide through Senate Bill 863 to address local jail construction and programming space needs. The County of Sonoma was successful in its application for SB-863 funding and in November, 2015 was conditionally awarded 40 million dollars to construct a Behavioral Health Housing Unit (BHHU) adjacent to the Main Adult Detention Facility. The total current project budget for the SB-863 Lease Bond Revenue project is $44,675,000. 

The County, utilizing a Design-Build delivery model, is currently developing the design and specification package and is working with the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) to meet State project requirements and deadlines. The facility will be up to 32,800 square feet and contain 48 cells and housing 72 Offenders with special management mental health needs. Bridging Architects- DLR and Construction Manager- Kitchell, in conjunction with County staff comprising the County Administrator’s Office, Department of Health Services, Sheriff Office, County Counsel and General Services, is currently developing the architecture and programming requirements for the new facility. The design team is placing a strong emphasis on natural light, fresh air, greenspace, renewable resources, and access to therapeutic best-practices.

With ground breaking in 2018 and completion in 2019, the Behavioral Health Housing Unit will provide safety and security enhancements with better mental health treatment for existing inmates, alleviating strains on mental health treatment at existing County detention facilities, with no net-gain in total County inmate population.

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