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Sonoma Public Infrastructure (formerly General Services)

Facilities Development & Management Division

What We Do

General Services is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

Project Managers

Each project manager is in charge of multiple projects at any given time. Her or she plans, monitors and coordinates each project. This includes working with the County and other departments and agencies to define the scope of the work, coordinating with the user department, monitoring funding and expenses throughout the project, and retaining and overseeing consultants and contractors to provide design and construction work required by the project.


  • Work closely with the customer department to develop project scope
  • Evaluate project feasibility, prepare budget cost estimates, determine and track project schedules
  • Assist in the selection and procurement of consultant services, such as architects, engineers and planners
  • Coordinate the preparation of construction documents to ensure that items required by the client are included, and coordinate with local building code enforcement agencies
  • Obtain bids for the work
  • Monitor the construction of the project
  • Coordinate the relocation of staff or entire departments
  • Arrange other services that may be required by the project

Project managers provide coordination with Information Systems Department's Communications and Data Processing Teams and General Services Facilities Operations. The use of Probation Department's Adult Supervised Crews is common in many projects. Many services provided by the General Services Architect's Team, such as architectural and engineering design services, are obtained from outside consultants. Although some of the construction work managed by the Architecture Team is done through Facilities Operations, most of the work is bid to contractors.

(If you are looking for building permits, building inspection or Planning Department information, see Permits and Resource Management under Departments & Agencies)


Kinds of Projects

A capital project is valued at $25,000 or more and involves a fixed asset, such as property, buildings and equipment having utility that extends beyond the current year. Capital projects can fall into one of two categories – improvement projects and major repair and replacement projects.

1. Improvement Projects include the construction of a new facility, and addition to an existing facility, or the reconstruction and/or remodel of an existing facility. Projects can also include:

  • Long range plans
  • Studies by professional consultants or analysis of existing facilities components, structures or utilities necessary for the implementation of an improvement to a building, facility, or complex
  • Purchase and installation of new equipment and fixtures, including minor equipment specially included as part of the total improvement project
  • Purchase of property for County use

2. Major repair and replacement projects are necessary to keep facilities operational for their intended purpose. These projects do not add value, but they prevent loss of value and are the cost of ownership. They include repairs to existing facilities or replacement of major facility equipment that has reached its functional lifespan such as re-roofing, replacement of equipment, and road and parking lot paving.