Financial Reports

This page is home to the financial reports produced by the General Accounting Division. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is an in-depth look at the County's finances and is intended for accounting and finance professionals. The Citizens' Report is a summary of the CAFR and is intended to provide a quick and accurate window into the County's financial status while being accessible to non-professionals.

The last five years of reports are archived on this page. Please contact our office if you are interested in obtaining copies of older reports.

Financial Reports

Citizens' Reports

The Citizens' Report is designed to provide interested citizens with a high-level review of the County's finances.


The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides financial professionals with a complete look at the County's finances.

Single Audit Reports

The Single Audit Report is a requirement for organizations that receive substantial federal funding. It presents a schedule of all expenditures of federal awards during a fiscal year. The audit opinion in the report focuses on compliance with the funding requirements of major federal programs. 

Single Audit 2020(PDF: 0.35 MB)

Single Audit 2019(PDF: 0.49 MB)

Single Audit 2018(PDF: 0.64 MB)

Single Audit 2017(PDF: 1.20 MB)

Single Audit 2016(PDF: 0.17 MB)

Single Audit 2015(PDF: 0.54 MB)

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