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Quarantine Restrictions - Sonoma County

Quarantine Restrictions - Sonoma County

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There are currently no restrictions on the movement of host material and related articles within the contiguous quarantine area.

However, if you are within the LBAM quarantine area, and you wish to move host material to a portion of California not under LBAM quarantine, or to another state or country, a compliance agreement and an inspection of the material to be shipped is required. An LBAM trap may also need to be placed.

For more information:

To schedule an inspection, please contact the Agricultural Division and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Business name
  • Business address.
  • Call back phone #
  • Commodity name
  • Expected shipping date
  • Where the shipment is going: the county, state or country.

CDFA and USDA Quarantine Regulations

For more information, maps and quarantine boundaries: