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Department of Human Services

Sonoma County Foster Care

The Team Approach

The Team Approach

As a Foster Parent, you will be part of a connected team. We’ll do this together!

Youth In Foster Care Are Surrounded By Caring Adults

You will join social workers, teachers, medical professionals and mental health counselors who work together to stabilize the family, in the hope that parents and children can be reunited. When it’s possible, the birth parents also will have input into your foster youth’s well-being.   

As a foster parent, you will be supported with:

  • Foster parent training
  • Support Groups
  • Mentors 
  • Respite care
  • Emergency services
  • Medical services and
  • Logistics help

Stabilizing a family takes a coordinated effort. You will be a vital part of this team.

The goal is to make this experience a successful one for you, your family, your foster child, and his or her family as a whole. Contact the local agency that best fits your needs for details about support services.

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