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Expenditure Plan Measure O

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The Sonoma County Department of Health Services and Sonoma County Community Development Commission have come together to put forth a measure to provide needed additional resources for Sonoma County. The Sonoma County Local Mental Health, Addiction and Homeless Services Measure Expenditure Plan below provides investment into five program categories. Each program category will receive a percentage share of sales tax revenues, currently estimated at a total of $250 million (in 2020 dollars) over a 10-year period.

Expenditures Categories

  1. Behavioral Health Facilities — 22% of total funding
    1. Residential Care Facility (RCF) - RCFs provide housing & services to individuals with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) who need additional social and behavioral health support to live in the community.
    2. Transitional Housing for individuals discharging from crisis services - Transitional Housing is a needed service for individuals who have high levels of mental health needs and do not have a long-term placement agreement.
    3. Psychiatric Health Facility & Operations - There is a need for a local locked psychiatric facility to serve Sonoma County residents. This will ensure individuals access emergency psychiatric services more timely, at a cost savings to the County.
  2. Emergency Psychiatric/Crisis Services — 44% of total funding
    1. Mobile Support Team (MST) Expansion/ Crisis, Assessment, Prevention, and Education (CAPE) - MST accompanies law enforcement on calls to provide crisis intervention to individuals in psychiatric distress. CAPE provides crisis services to schools in Sonoma County.
    2. Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) - The CSU provides services to individuals in psychiatric crisis, to assist them to stabilize and return to the community or transfer to a psychiatric facility for ongoing treatment.
    3. Residential Crisis Services - Crisis Residential Treatment facilities provide housing & mental health services to individuals who require longer-term services to stabilize & do not require a locked setting.
    4. Inpatient Hospital Services – Adult - County Department of Health Services (DHS), as the Mental Health Plan, is required to provide inpatient psychiatric care to Medi-Cal beneficiaries on involuntary holds or otherwise in need of intensive psychiatric services.
  3. Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Services — 18% of total funding
    1. Mental Health Services at Children’s Shelters - DHS provides on site mental health services to children who have experienced trauma living in the County Children’s Shelter.
    2. Mental Health Services for Children and youth - Children and Youth with mental health needs will receive services for prevention, early intervention and case management.
    3. Services to support Residential Care Facilities, Permanent Supportive Housing, and other Housing - Individuals with mental health and/or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) needs who require in-home and community-based services to live successfully in the community. These services will support individuals provided with permanent supportive housing, which interrupts the cycle of homelessness.
    4. Substance Use Disorder Services Expansion - Expand Sonoma County Drug Medi-Cal Services to provide outpatient and residential treatment services to individuals with substance use disorders.
  4. Behavioral Health Homeless / CareCoordination — 14% of total funding
    1. Behavioral Health Services for individuals who are homeless - Individuals who are homeless or need mental health and substance use disorder services to successfully transition to housing in the community.
    2. Care Coordination for High Needs Homeless - Care Coordination provides multi¬disciplinary case management and other services to enable individuals who have been homeless to live successfully in permanent supportive housing in the community.
  5. Transitional & Permanent SupportiveHousing — 2% of total funding
    1. Supportive Housing Pool - To help secure housing resources to service the homeless