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Monte Rio Bridge Replacement

Monte Rio Bridge 1 750x500

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The County of Sonoma, in partnership with the State of California, has identified deficiencies in the Bohemian Highway Bridge over the Russian River in Monte Rio. Key concerns include potential seismic vulnerability, degrading foundations, and inadequate bicycle and pedestrian access. The success of any project in meeting regional needs depends on the involvement and constructive input by community members. The County is actively working to engage the community regarding a new bridge that reflects local preferences, meets modern constructions standards, and protects the natural beauty of the region.

Key questions for community members:

  • What do you appreciate most about the current bridge?
  • What do you think of the location of the bridge?
  • How do you use the bridge and how might it better support those uses?
  • How can we shape the new bridge to reflect the local community?

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Fact Sheet: A New Monte Rio Bridge (PDF: 497 KB)

Project Goals

  • Continue to provide this important community connector across the Russian River in Monte Rio
  • Maintain and improve access to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists
  • Design a bridge that reflects local character and environment, and respects the community’s history

Project Status

On September 28, 2018 and January 10, 2019, representatives from the Department of Transportation and Public Works convened two community workshops at the Monte Rio Community Center to discuss the replacement of the Monte Rio bridge across the Russian River.

Notification of the meeting was sent by mail to more than 700 Monte Rio property owners and local businesses; email notification to more than 60 residents, business owners, and community organizations; and posting of event flyer notifications on social media and locally. 

Approximately 50 community members attended each meeting to provide input regarding the replacement process and potential alignments for the new bridge. The workshops featured a small group activity aimed at identifying preferences for bridge alignment, and a poll was taken to help identify preferences on the uses, aesthetics, and features of the new bridge.

In terms of alignment, the community expressed a preference for the dark blue bridge as seen here:

Monte Rio Bridge Alignments 02-14-2019

In terms of uses and features, the community expressed a preference for a 54-foot-wide bridge with 6-foot-wide sidewalks, 5-foot-wide bike lanes, 12-foot-wide traffic lanes, and a traffic barrier between the sidewalk and traffic lanes, as depicted here:

Monte Rio Bridge Cross-Section 02-14-2019

Based on the information provided by participating community members and an initial assessment of preferences, the project team is conducting further study and preliminary design work to guide the next step of the bridge replacement process.

A third community meeting will be scheduled in Summer 2019 to present the final roadway layout and design concepts, solicit feedback, and address questions.