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Roadside Vegetation

Guardrail - Overgrown

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

Brush cutting and removal is a primary activity for our road maintenance crews, as vegetation growth can obstruct critical safety features such as signs and street lights (and if left unchecked, the road itself).  If you see excessive vegetation on a County road causing an obstruction or other safety issue, please contact us right away.

Road Maintenance

Transportation & Public Works Road Maintenance crews deal specifically with vegetation management on County roads for the purpose of keeping the roadway unobstructed. Road Maintenance crews do not manage vegetation on private property, or any facility other than County roads.

If you spot a section of road, road sign, street light, or other road safety infrastructure obstructed by vegetation, please contact us right away.

Report Overgrown Roadside Vegetation Using SoCo Connect

You can report non-emergency road issues (such as potholes, broken signs, overgrown vegetation, etc.) using SoCo Connect, Sonoma County's application for submitting service requests.

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