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Culverts & Storm Drains

Drainage Installation

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

The Department of Transportation and Public Works is responsible for constructing and maintaining drainage channels on all County roads.  This includes installation of culverts, maintenance of roadside ditches, cleaning storm drains and inlets, and any other activity required to facilitate proper drainage of stormwater from the roadway.

The County is NOT responsible for drainage issues that occur outside of County road jurisdiction. This includes issues that occur on private property, within city limits, or on State highways.

Report Drainage Issues using SoCo Connect

You can report non-emergency road issues (such as potholes, broken signs, flooding, etc.) using SoCo Connect , Sonoma County's application for submitting service requests.

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Keeping Stormwater Clean

Sonoma County is required by the State Water Quality Board and US Environmental Protection Agency to report pollution in stormwater channels. Businesses and individuals are responsible for illicit discharge to the storm drain system. If you notice discharge into a local stream or municipal storm drain, please contact us.

Related Agencies

San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

California Water Quality Control Board

US Environmental Protection Agency - Stormwater

Hydrology Mapping

The Transportation & Public Works Roads Division makes an ongoing effort to map municipal drainage systems in unincorporated areas wherever access and/or information is available, specifically those that service or are connected to the public road system.

See interactive map of stormwater network

This mapping effort is part of a State and Federal requirement, enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency and the CA Water Quality Control Board.