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County of Sonoma

Creek and Private Bridge Regulatory Permitting Assistance Meetings

Published: April 02, 2018

Held at the Permit Sonoma Hearing Room the second Thursday of each month starting April 12.

The County of Sonoma hosts monthly project coordination meetings to review and guide projects through the environmental and regulatory permitting process. These meetings are designed for review and discussion of post-fire bridge rebuilding projects as well as other routine projects related to rivers, creeks, wetlands, or other regulated natural resources.

Input from natural resource and regulatory agency staff will help you design and implement projects that have minimal impacts to natural resources while achieving your goals and streamlining the permitting process. Landowners may share their prospective creek or wetland projects and receive constructive feedback from regulatory agency staff.

These meetings are intended to provide a forum for interaction and input, not public comment or regulatory action. Meetings are non-binding and informal. Formal comments and input will be provided once a permit application has been submitted. There is no-cost to attend or participate.

Each project proponent will be given time, to share their project and receive feedback. Applicants (or future applicants) will be encouraged to present photos, sketches, plans, maps, or presentations. Projects may be very conceptual or fully developed. Computers and projectors will be made available for presentations.  For more information, contact Rich Stabler, Senior Environmental Specialist, at Permit Sonoma: rich.stabler@sonoma-county.orgor (707) 565-8352.