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Human Resources Department

International Union of Operating Engineers, Stationary Engineers - Local 39

2023 - 2026 Local 39 Memorandum of Understanding: Article 5: Union Rights and Benefits

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What’s on this Page

  • 5.1 Work Access 
  • 5.2 Bulletin Boards
  • 5.3 Meeting Space
  • 5.4 Job Stewards
  • 5.5 Job Steward Training
  • 5.6 Dues Check Off
  • 5.7 Classification Study Requests
  • 5.8 Joint Training on Memorandum

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5.1 Work Access

Authorized Union representatives will be given access to work locations during working hours to investigate and process grievances or post bulletins on the bulletin board.  The Union representatives desiring access to a work location shall state the purpose of the visit and request the Department Head's, or designee's, authorization for a reasonable amount of time before the intended visit. The Union shall give to each affected Department Head and the Employee and Labor Relations Manager a written list of authorized Union representatives.  Only those people whose name appears on the current list shall be granted access under this provision.

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5.2 Bulletin Boards

The County will furnish reasonable bulletin board space measuring no less than 36 x 48 inches. Bulletin boards shall be located in mutually acceptable areas and shall, when reasonably possible, be out of plain view of the public. All materials to be posted on said boards shall be in good taste and strictly impersonal in nature and limited to the legitimate business of the Union. Prior to posting, any material shall be plainly and legibly initialed by an authorized representative of the Union.

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5.3  Meeting Space

Upon request of the Union, the County may provide meeting space outside working hours, provided such space is available and the Union complies with all departmental rules and policies of the Board of Supervisors. Request for use of facilities shall be made in advance to the Department Head and will indicate the date, time and general purpose of the meeting and facilities needed. 

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5.4 Job Stewards

The County recognizes the need and affirms the right of the Union to designate Job Stewards from among employees in the Bargaining Unit. The Union may designate a reasonable number of Job Stewards to communicate violations of this agreement to the Union staff. For this purpose the County shall grant the Job Steward a reasonable amount of time. While the Union is free to choose its Stewards from employees, it agrees that the number of Steward(s) from any one department, division or work area will not hinder effective working relationships or productivity and delivery of County services. The County will not take reprisal against any Steward for the Steward's protected activities as provided for under this Memorandum. The Union will provide the County's Director of Labor Relations with a current and updated list of Stewards.

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5.5 Job Steward Training

Upon request of the Union, the County may allow paid release time for a Job Steward to attend the Union's semi‑annual training seminar for Job Stewards of Local 39. Mileage and other expenses for these purposes will not be provided by the County. The number of Job Stewards released will be reasonable and not hamper operational needs. Any request granted may be later denied in the event of an emergency condition facing the County.

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5.6 Dues Check Off

The County agrees to deduct all the Union dues, insurance premiums and assessments from the pay of those employees who have authorized that such deduction be made. The amounts deducted shall be remitted promptly to the Union or its designees, with an alphabetical list of the employees from whom deducted.

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5.7 Classification Study Requests

In response to a written request from a Department Head, the Union, or an employee for a reclassification study, the Human Resources Department shall acknowledge receipt of the request within fifteen (15) calendar days. The Human Resources Department shall provide notification to the requesting party within sixty (60) calendar days of receipt of the request if the request is accepted, rejected, or if more information is needed. When accepted, and if possible, Human Resources will indicate the general priority, if known, when notifying the requesting party of acceptance. The Human Resources Director, or designee, will review the status of pending classification study requests with a staff member of the Union upon request, but not more frequently than every three months.

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5.8 Joint Training on Memorandum

The Union and the County agree to jointly present informational training on this Memorandum to affected supervisors and managers. The details of the training shall be mutually agreed upon by the Union and the County. The parties intend to conduct this training session or sessions within ninety (90) days from the date this Memorandum is implemented by resolution by the Board of Supervisors.

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