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Human Resources Department

International Union of Operating Engineers, Stationary Engineers - Local 39

2019 - 2023 Local 39 Memorandum of Understanding:   Article 28: Enactment

International Union of Operating Engineers, Stationary Engineers - Local 39

Article 28: Enactment

The Board of Supervisors will amend its written policies and take other appropriate action by resolution or otherwise in order to give full force and effect to this Memorandum.  The below named representatives of the County and the Union agree to recommend the Board's implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding:


County of Sonoma

/s/ Heather Coffman
Heather Coffman, LCW

/s/ Eric Herrman 
Eric Herrman

/s/ Cheryl Enold
Cheryl Enold

/s/ Susanne Oliver
Susanne Oliver

/s/ Janie Carduff
Janie Carduff

/s/ Patty Stiniste
Patty Stiniste

International Union of Operating Engineers
Stationary Engineers,
Local 39

/s/ Bart Florence
Bart Florence, Business Manager

/s/ Stahly Robert Aldrich
Stahly Robert Aldrich, President

/s/ Steve Crouch
Steve Crouch, Director of Public Employees

/s/ Stan Eichenberger
Stan Eichenberger, Chief Negotiator

/s/ Adam Arnold
Adam Arnold, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Chris Junge
Chris Junge, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Dave Ricetti
Dave Ricetti, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Eric Schaller
Eric Schaller, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Craig Fildes
Craig Fildes, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ DeWayne Burgess
DeWayne Burgess, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Louie Lopez
Louie Lopez, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Lucia Kasulis
Lucia Kasulis, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Terry Adair
Terry Adair, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Thomas Dowdell
Thomas Dowdell, Bargaining Team Member

/s/ Joel Higuera
Joel Higuera, Bargaining Team Member

(Signed Document on File with Employee Relations)

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