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Human Resources Department

Deputy Sheriff's Law Enforcement Management Unit (DSLEM)

2019 - 2023 DSLEMMemorandum of Understanding:   Article 27: Grievance Procedure

Deputy Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Management

Article 27: Grievance Procedure

The County and the Association agree that the grievance procedure established for the employees covered by this Memorandum of Understanding shall be the County Grievance Procedure established by the Board of Supervisors’ Resolution 74211B on May 10, 1983, or as it may be amended in the future, with the following limitation. Any aspect or “step” of the County Grievance Procedure pertaining to only the Grievance Appeals Committee shall not apply so that a grievant may appeal the decision of Department Head directly to the Board of Supervisors in accordance with Section 6(h) of the County Grievance Procedure.

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