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Military Leave Policy -Section III, A - Eligibility for Military Leave of Absence

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Including Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and the California Military & Veterans Code (CMVA)

Revised: April 2014

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III, A - Eligibility for Military Leave of Absence

Military Leave is available to all County employees including extra-help employees who perform service in the uniformed services (as defined by USERRA) for active duty, active duty for training, initial active duty training, and inactive duty training. This includes the National Guard or a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States.

In addition, employees whose spouses or domestic partners are qualified members of the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves and will be deployed to a scene of military conflict, are afforded up to ten (10) days’ unpaid leave from work to be with their spouse, upon giving at least two (2) business days’ notice. Employees may be eligible to use accrued vacation or compensatory time in accordance with their MOU and department policy. (California Military and Veterans Code section 395.10)

Military Leave does not apply to service in the armed forces of another country.

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