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Human Resources Department

Disability Management Unit

Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy - Sections V. and VI.: Requesting an Accommodation during Recruitment or Employment

Human Resources Disability Management 750

V. Requesting an Accommodation during Recruitment

The County will include a statement on all applications and recruitment packages indicating the availability of reasonable accommodation in the application process with instructions to applicants on the method for requesting reasonable accommodation.

When a qualified disabled applicant requests an accommodation, the Human Resources Department staff will confer with the applicant on the type of accommodation(s) he/she needs. When the applicant’s disability is not obvious or known; or when additional medical clarification is needed; appropriate documentation of the disability, limitations and the needed accommodation will be sought from the applicant. Given the time sensitivity of the recruitment process, Human Resources staff will move as quickly as possible to make a decision, and if appropriate, provide an accommodation.

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VI. Requesting an Accommodation during Employment

Generally, to comply with privacy laws, the County is subject to strict limitations with regard to making inquiries about the physical, mental or medical condition of an employee. Employees are therefore responsible for making their disability known and requesting accommodation when needed.

An accommodation may be requested verbally or in writing to the employee’s supervisor or manager, Department ADA Coordinator, or the County’s Human Resources Office. Generally, unless the need for accommodation is obvious, documentation from an appropriate medical provider will be required which identifies:

  1. The physical or mental limitations imposed by the disability or medical condition; and
  2. For each limitation, the expected duration and whether it is permanent or temporary.

If the need for accommodation is temporary, the Department will consider whether temporary transitional duty is appropriate, as governed by the County’s Temporary Transitional Duty Program, administered by Human Resources Risk Management Division. If the need for accommodation is permanent, the parties will discuss permanent accommodation.

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