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Online Trip Tracker

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Under the new Telework Policy and in support of the Board's 5-Year Strategic Plan, Sonoma County Employees who request and are approved to telework will be required to log the days they work remotely in the new Online Trip Tracker. In addition to logging telework days, employees will be able to explore alternate commute options, sign up for pre-tax commuter benefits, find a carpool, and earn prizes and incentives for their participation.

The Trip Tracker is easy to use and available online and via Mobile App (iOS and Android). For every telework day or alternate commute trip logged, the system will automatically calculate the estimated amount of CO2 emissions reduced, money saved, and calories burned (e.g. when walking and biking to work).

Frequently Asked Questions

I already enter telework hours on my Timecard, why do I need to enter them again in the Online Trip Tracker?

The Board’s 5-Year Strategic Plan seeks to make Sonoma County carbon neutral by 2030. The Online Trip Tracker automatically calculates the amount of COsaved by using alternate modes of transportation, including telework, so that we can report to the Board and public the impacts of County policies, like the Telework Policy and Clean Commute Program. 

How do I log my telework or alternate commute days?

Once you have created your account on the Online Trip Tracker, it is easy to log your telework or alternate commute days.  Please use these Step-By-Step Instructions. Please keep in mind that the system calculates CO2 emission reductions for Telework based on miles not traveled. In order to log a Telework day you will need to enter your home location in “Start” and your typical work location in “Destination”. 

If you have questions on how to set up an account or log trips, please contact

Do I use the Trip Tracker on days where I telework for part of the day and go into the office for the rest of the day? 

No, you should only log a "Telework" day into the Trip Tracker if you did not report to a County  worksite at all during the day. However, if you took an alternate form of transportation (train, bus, bike, carpool, etc.) to get to your worksite for part of the day, you can log that into the Trip Tracker. 

How does the Online Trip Tracker calculate the dollars saved on the "My Statistics" profile page?

This calculation is based on the AAA cost of owning a car, calculated at roughly $.566 per mile. Each mode has its own financial reward.  For every mile walked or biked, the calculation is $.566 in savings.  Teleworking also saves $.566 per mile.  Carpooling saves $.283 per mile and transit saves approximately $.116 per mile, when compared to driving alone.

How does Online Trip Tracker calculate calories burned for bicycling and walking?

This calculation is based on 100 calories per mile for walking and 50 calories per mile for biking.

How does Online Trip Tracker calculate the amount of CO2 saved for each trip logged?

For private vehicle transportation (driving alone), CO2 is calculated at 378 grams CO2 per mile. For public transit methods, an average of 254.5 grams CO2 per mile is used. CO2 saved is determined by subtracting actual CO2 from the potential CO2 of driving alone. For example: if you take the bus 5 miles, you have saved 617.5 grams of CO2 (Drive Alone Potential - Actual Bus CO2). But if you ride your bike or walk instead, you’d be saving 1890 grams of CO2!

If I own an electric car, do I still need to use the Online Trip Tracker for Telework days? 

Yes, you are still required to track the days you Telework even if you own an electric car. While the CO2 calculation in the Online Trip Tracker may differ from the actual emissions depending on the vehicle used, it is the best tool we have at generating an estimated total of CO2 emissions reduced. 

Are there any restrictions on how far in the past or future I can log my trips?

You may only log trips within the last 5 weeks. We recommend you enter your trips daily for most accurate information, but it may be more convenient to log your trips at the same time you complete your Timecard. 

What do I do if I can’t remember my password?

You can request a new password on the password reset form. After submitting your email address, check your inbox for a message with the subject line "Reset your Password." Make sure to add to your address book.