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Charging Stations

Charging station ChargePoint and FLO cards

Sonoma County’s Clean Commute Employee Benefit Program allows county employees to charge a personal electric vehicle for free up to 3 hours at county-operated charging stations for a period of 1 year, starting November 1, 2023.  After the 3 free hour period, a $1.51 per hour charge applies. 

Parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles are available on a first-come, first-served basis for all employees.  Employees should not count on workplace charging stations being available when deciding to purchase an EV or if a commute is strictly dependent on workplace charging. 

Employees using the new benefit should practice ‘good charging etiquette’ by promptly moving their personal EVs once the three-hour limit is reached and help maintain the longevity of the equipment by neatly replacing charging cords when finished. 

Usage and Access

To obtain usage to these charging stations, users will need to download the respective mobile app or obtain the corresponding charging access card to the station.  The County’s current charging station providers are ChargePoint and FLO. 



The access key/number can be found on the physical charging access card or obtained within the app’s account settings.  Once the above information has been added to the employee charging group a reply will be sent. 

For more information or questions, please contact

Charging Station Locations