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Clean Commute

Clean Commute Pre-Tax

As our roads and parking lots become more congested and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation rise, the need for better travel solutions is crucial.

With this concern at the forefront, we’ve implemented a program that allows County of Sonoma employees to set aside pre-tax income to pay for cleaner modes of transportation to and from work.

The Clean Commute program aims to help employees travel to and from work with less stress from traffic and parking, lower costs, and reduce our climate impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What transit benefits are available?

  • County employees can ride free rides on Sonoma County Transit and Santa Rosa CityBus by simply showing their ID badge.
  • County employees can put eCash on a Clipper card using pre-tax income through My Commuter Check. Clipper cards can be used to pay for trips on any transit in the Bay Area, including Golden Gate Transit and SMART.
  • County employees also have the option of purchasing SMART 31-Day Passes, which provide unlimited rides, using pre-tax income through My Commuter Check.

Are discounts available for seniors or persons with disabilities?

Discounted Clipper cards are available to seniors (65 and over) and persons with disabilities. Employees who qualify for a discounted Clipper card may receive up to a 50% discount on transit products through Clipper. 

Employees who qualify for a discounted card can visit for more information on how to apply.

Employees will have the option to load products on their discounted Clipper card, once received from Clipper, through their My Commuter Check portal.

Are discounts available when transferring between transit agencies?

Yes. SMART, Petaluma Transit, Golden Gate Transit and Marin Transit offer reciprocal transfer credits for Clipper card users transferring from one system to another, meaning that adult passengers receive a $1.50 discount and seniors or passengers with disabilities receive a $0.75 discount, on the second leg of their trip. Sonoma County employees already ride Sonoma County Transit and Santa Rosa CityBus for free.

Where can I find more information?