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Forms, Advice & Recording Assistance

For Your Information 2

Important Notice

Important Information 75x40This summary is provided for your convenience.  However, the Clerk-Recorder’s Office cannot give legal advice and suggest that you contact your own legal advisor for further assistance, including which form you should use and how to complete it.  A document that is not properly prepared may be invalid or may cause future legal issues. This information is a generalization, and is not intended to give information about any specific circumstances.

Forms for Recording 

There is a large variety of free or low-cost forms for recordable documents. These forms can be available online or hard copy.  This is not an exhaustive list, nor is our office recommending any particular method or type of form. Generally, you will need to be able to identify the type of document form you are looking for. 

  • Stationary, shipping or office supply stores
  • Sacramento Law Library website
    • Also has some tutorials and guidance documents
  • Some title company websites
  • Other legal or property related websites

Legal Advice or Assistance for Recording

There is a large variety of legal services and assistance for recording that may be available. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is our office recommending any particular entity or type of legal advice or assistance.


  • Attorneys
  • Sonoma County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
  • Council on Aging
    30 Kawana Springs Road Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    • The Council on Aging is proud to offer comprehensive legal services to seniors in Sonoma County, age 50 and above. We offer experienced, compassionate, and cost-effective professional legal services, emphasizing estate planning law, trust administration, and elder law. Please call Zachary Carroll, the Director of Legal Services, at (707) 525-0143 x 143 for a free, no-obligation initial consultation; or you can email Zachary at
  • Legal Aid
    144 South E Street, Suite 100, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    • Legal Aid provides crisis legal services to low-income families and children