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1990-2010 Record Cross-Reference

Recorded Document Search

From 1964 through 1990, the first word of an index entry was abbreviated so, for example, SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK would appear as SEC PAC NATL BK.

In 1990 we discontinued the practice of abbreviating the first words so in our example, SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK appeared in the index as SECURITY PAC NATL BK.


When searching for a record prior to 2010, remember to use abbreviations; after January 1, 2010, search under the exact name of the person or company.

The following abbreviations were used between 1990 and 2010.


Please refer to the 1964-1989 cross-reference for those years.


Original WordAbbreviations
Abstract ABST
Acceptance ACCEPT
Account ACCT
Adjustment ADJMT
Administration ADMN
Administrator ADMR
Administratrix ADMR
Agreement AGM
Agriculture AG
Alabama AL
Alaska AK
America AMER
American AMER
Annexation ANNEX
Apartment APT
Arizona AZ
Arkansas AK
Assessment ASSMT
Associate ASSC
Associated ASSCD
Association ASSN
Assurance ASSUR
Auxiliary AUX
Avenue AVE
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Original WordAbbreviations
Bank BK
Bankrupt BKPT
Beach BCH
Beneficial BENEFL
Block BLK
Board BD
Boulevard BLVD
Brothers BROS
Builder BLDR
Building BLDG
Building & Loan B & L
Bureau BUR
Business BSNS
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Original WordAbbreviations
California CA
Canyon CYN
Cemetery CEM
Center CTR
Circle CIR
Citizens CITZ
City CY
Collection COLL
Collector COLLR
Colorado CO
Commercial COML
Commission COM
Commissioner COMR
Commonwealth COMMONWH
Community COMMUN
Company CO
Condominium CONDO
Connecticut CT
Conservator CONSER
Consolidated CONSOLID
Construction CONSTR
Continental CONTNL
Corporation CORP
County COU
Court CT
Credit CR
Credit Union C U
Custodian CUSTDN
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Original WordAbbreviations
Declaration DECLN
Delaware DE
Department DEPT
Deposit DEP
Development DEVEL
Discount DISC
Distribution DISTR
District DISTR
District Columbia D C
Diversified DIVFD
Division DIV
Drive DR
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Original WordAbbreviations
Easement EASMT
Eastern EASTN
Electric ELEC
Electrical ELEC
Employee EMP
Employment EMPL
Engineer ENGR
Engineering ENGRG
Enterprise ENT
Equalization EQUAL
Equipment EQUIP
Equitable EQUIT
Escrow ESC
Estate EST
Exchange EXCH
Executor EXTR
Executrix EXTR
Extension EXTN
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Original WordAbbreviations
Farmers FARM
Farmer’s Home Administration FHA
Federal FED
Federal Credit Union F C U
Federal Savings Assn F S A
Federal Savings Bank F S B
Federal Savings & Loan F S L
Federation FEDN
Finance FIN
Financial FINL
Florida FL
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Original WordAbbreviations
General GENL
Georgia GA
Gibraltar GBR
Government GOVT
Grantee GTEE
Grantor GTOR
Guarantee GUAR
Guaranty GUAR
Guardian GDN
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Original WordAbbreviations
Hawaii HI
Healdsburg HLDSBG
Heights HGTS
High School H S
Highway HGWY
Homebuilder HOMEBLDR
Home Owners Assn HOA
Homeowners Assn HOA
Housing & Community Development HCD
Housing & Urban Development HUD
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Original WordAbbreviations
Idaho ID
Illinois IL
Improvement IMPVT
Incorporated INC
Indemnity INDEM
Indiana IN
Individual IND
Industrial INDSTL
Industrialization INDSTLIZAN
Information INFO
Institutional INSTL
Insurance INS
Intercommunity INTERCOMMUN
Intercontinental INTERCONTNL
International INTERNATL
Interstate INTERST
Investment INV
Investor INVR
Iowa IA
Irrigating IRRIG
Irrigation IRRIG
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Original WordAbbreviations
Joint Venture J V
Junior College J C
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Original WordAbbreviations
Kansas KS
Kentucky KY
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Original WordAbbreviations
Lane LN
Life Estate LF EST
Limited LTD
Limited Liability Co LLC
Liquidator LIQR
Loan LN
Los Angeles L A
Louisiana LA
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Original WordAbbreviations
Maine ME
Maintenance MAINT
Management MGT
Manufacturer MFR
Manufacturing MFG
Market MKT
Maryland MD
Massachusetts MA
Merchant MER
Metropolitan MET
Michigan MI
Minnesota MN
Mississippi MS
Missouri MO
Montana MT
Mortgage MTG
Mountain MTN
Municipal MUNI
Mutual MUTL
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Original WordAbbreviations
National NATL
Nebraska NE
Nevada NV
New Hampshire NH
New Jersey NJ
New Mexico NM
New York NY
North NO
North Carolina NC
North Dakota ND
Northeast NO EAST
Northeastern NO EASTN
Northern NOR
Northwest NO WEST
Northwestern NO WESTN
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Original WordAbbreviations
Ohio OH
Oklahoma OK
Order ORD
Ordinance ORDN
Oregon OR
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Original WordAbbreviations
Pacific PAC
Park PK
Partnership PTP
Pennsylvania PA
Personal PERS
Personal Representative PERS REP
Petaluma PET
Place PL
Plan & Trust TRUST
Portion PTN
Project PROJ
Property PROP
Prudential PRUD
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Original WordAbbreviations
Railroad R R
Reassessment REASSMT
Receiver RECVR
Reconstruction RECONSTR
Reconveyance RECON
Redevelopment REDEVEL
Redwood Empire REDW EMP
Relation RLTN
Reorganization REORGN
Resolution RES
Retirement RTMT
Rhode Island RI
Road RD
Rohnert Park ROHN PK
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Original WordAbbreviations
Saint ST[1]
San Francisco S F
Sanitation SANIT
Santa STA
Santa Rosa S R
Saving SAV
Saving(s) & Loan S&L
Sebastopol SEB
Security SEC
Service SERV
Society SOC
Sonoma SON
South SO
South Carolina SC
South Dakota SD
Southeast SO EAST
Southeastern SO EASTN
Southern SOU
Southwest SO WEST
Southwestern SO WESTN
Square SQ
Stabilization STAB
Standard STD
State ST
Street ST
Subdivision SUBDV
Superintendent SUPT
Syndicate SYND

[1] Use at all times (compressed in individual and firm names)

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Original WordAbbreviations
Telephone TEL
Telephone & Telegraph TEL & TEL
Tennessee TN
Terrace TER
Texas TX
Title Company T CO
Title Insurance T I
Tract TR
Transcontinental TRANCONTNL
Transnational TRANSNATL
Transportation TRANS
Trust (except named trust) TR
Trustee TR
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Original WordAbbreviations
United States US
United States (if government agency) USA[2]
United States of America USA[3]
Unlimited UNLTD
Utah UT

[2] Use this abbreviation at all times (even as the first word).

[3] Use this abbreviation at all times (even as the first word).

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Original WordAbbreviations
Vermont VT
Veteran VET
Virginia VA
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Original WordAbbreviations
Washington WA
Washington DC DC
West Virginia WV
Western WESTN
Wisconsin WI
Wyoming WY
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