Website changes, triage operations at IOLERO, and the new CAC

Published:  March 6, 2020

Dear Community Partners:

This edition of IOLERO's e-newsletter includes important updates about the office and the information for our next CAC meeting. As always, please contact the office anytime with questions, concerns or suggestions about IOLERO's work.


IOLERO's website has undergone many changes over the past year. We have been working to make our website more user-friendly and informative. Did you know we have a translation feature on our website that translates the website content and these newsletters into 90 languages?! Please follow the "Translation Options" prompt on the right-hand side of this web page to try it out.

Triage Operations 

As most of you know, IOLERO is still in the throes of a crisis after discovering a massive backlog of audits that were never done between 2017-2019. Since IOLERO is only a two-person office and only the director may review complaints and conduct audits, the only way to keep up with the new incoming complaints/audits is to triage all duties. When Mr. Ward was killed during an arrest in late November, the focus had to shift to addressing community concerns, holding town hall meetings and seating the new CAC. Now that the CAC's work is underway, the director can turn her attention to completing IOLERO's 2020-2021 budget plan then return to a focus on audits. You can read about IOLERO’s emergency triage operations here

New Full-time Employee 

Our new full-time Programs Manager is still in background. We are hoping to get her into the office by April. One of her first projects will be booking CAC meetings in advance and advertising the meetings. She will also focus on our new "in-reach" program where IOLERO increases its presence at community meetings such as PTA meetings, church gatherings, meetings of other council's and other community events where a crowd is already gathered. 

The New Community Advisory Council (CAC) 

The CAC has had two meetings and they are off to a great start.  They are getting to know each other, learning about the history of civilian oversight of law enforcement and IOLERO.  IOLERO has been busy collecting data on de-escalation and the use of force from law enforcement agencies around the state via public record act requests. Soon the CAC will be forming ad hoc committees and starting their research on these topics so that they can make persuasive follow-up recommendations to our Sheriff's Office on these topics.  If you missed it, you can read the bios for our dynamic new CAC here

Next CAC Meeting 

The next CAC meeting will be April 6, 2020 at the Sonoma Veterans Memorial Building. The agenda usually posts to our website about a week in advance and as soon as it is available, you can find the agenda here

You may view our important past announcements and newsletters here

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