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EAH Withdraws from Chanate Sale

Published:  March 10, 2020

EAH, the affordable housing bidder who was in negotiations with the County for the surplus sale of the Chanate property, withdrew from their buyer-side partnership. With no qualified respondent to the surplus Request for Proposals, the County closed the surplus sale process with no deal. 

The Board of Supervisors' previous direction to demolish the blighted and unsafe hospital structures stands, and the County will to move the project forward, including the required California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) processes.

The Board of Supervisors will continue to evaluate next steps and all possible options for the property. On March 10th, the Board will consider a list of six properties that could be used as a pilot indoor/outdoor shelter site, including two locations on the Chanate property.

On the 10th, the Board will narrow down the six options to two or three sites for further evaluation. After March 10th, the County will continue to share information and answer questions regarding the two or three sites that are being further evaluated. The Board will make a final decision on the sites on April 7th.

We will share updates after March 10th, and will provide information and answer questions on the two or three sites selected for further evaluation. For more information on the potential shelter locations, visit the County's website for addressing homelessness.

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