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Emergency Preparedness

In light of local disaster events such as the Geysers Fire in 2004 and the Sonoma County New Years Flood of 2006, the 2017 Fires, the County would like to encourage individuals, families, and businesses to be prepared for future emergencies.

Emergency Responders may be unable to reach all citizens for various reasons and, therefore, it is essential that individuals and neighborhoods be prepared to be on their own for a minimum of 7 days. Individual, family, and business preparedness will allow responders to get to those in critical need and save more lives. 

The County of Sonoma is providing the following suggestions for items to be contained in Disaster Preparedness Kits for Personal Go Bags, Home Kits, and Auto use. We have also included some links to local and state suppliers for those wishing to purchase preparedness kits.

These references should not be considered as endorsements or guarantees of specific kit contents. Additional supplies such as water, food, and medical supplies may need to be added to adequately prepare for the severity of a long-term emergency.

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Christopher Godley, Director
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
2300 County Center Drive
Suite 220 B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.46229, -122.725377

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