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Department of Emergency Management

Disaster Service Worker

Disaster Service Worker Required Training

Required Training

The required training for the Disaster Service Worker Program can be found on the Human Resources Training Portal Sonoma Higher Ed.

To access Sonoma Higher Ed, select one of the following links from any internet-connected device. You will need your network login credentials to access the system.

Search DSW and the training courses will populate.

If you do not see the Disaster Service Worker Training, contact your Training Coordinator.

Below you will find the mandatory and recommended refresher trainings for the Disaster Service Worker Program and links to other optional training resources.

 Employee Group  Course   Platform 
 All Employees  ICS 100, ICS 700, & Intro to SEMS  Online and Class
 Supervisors  ICS 200  Online and Class
 Management  ICS 300 & ICS 800  Classroom Only
 Executive/Command  ICS 400   Classroom Only

Optional Training

The courses listed below is optional training that is relevant to County employees, whether or not they are called upon to serve as Disaster Service Workers.

The FEMA Emergency Management Institute Independent Study Program offers a wide variety of courses that may be relevant to your specific department or job description. The full course listing is available here:

Suggested courses for all County employees:

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