Continuum of Care

Governance Charter and Policy Review Committee

This group is responsible for making recommendations to the CoC Board for any revisions or updates to the  Sonoma County Continuum of Care Governance Charter, bylaws, and policies. The Charter describes and establishes the structure of the Sonoma County Continuum of Care (CoC), in order to comply with CFR § 578, the Continuum of Care Program Interim Rule.  The charter and bylaws provides an organizational structure that will govern operations of the Continuum of Care, whose responsibilities include reviewing and submitting annual collaborative applications for federal Continuum of Care funding. In addition, this group is responsible for reviewing and revising policy related documents for the Sonoma County Continuum of Care.

Governance Charter & Policy Review Committee Members 2021:

  1. Don Schwartz (Chair), City of Rohnert Park:
  2. Ben Leroi, Santa Rosa Community Health:
  3. Gerry La Londe-Berg, SHARE/Homeless Action!:
  4. Jennielynn Holmes, Catholic Charities:
  5. Patrick O’Loughlin, Sonoma Applied Village Services (SAVS):
  6. Kelli Kuykendall, City of Santa Rosa:
  7. Asya Sorokurs, Legal Aid of Sonoma County:
  8. Tom Schwedhelm, City of Santa Rosa:
  9. Margaret Sluyk, Reach for Home:

Sonoma County CoC Governance Charter December 29, 2021(PDF: 558 kB)

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