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Sonoma County residents encouraged to participate in Shake Out earthquake drill on April 18

SANTA ROSA, CA | April 11, 2024

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Shake OutSonoma County residents are urged to join the Sonoma County Shake Out drill on April 18 at 10 a.m., as part of the annual observance of National Earthquake Preparedness Month. This exercise offers the community an opportunity to practice the recommended safety action of drop, cover and hold on during an earthquake.

Teaming up with local nonprofits, the County aims to remind residents about the crucial steps to safeguard themselves and their loved ones during seismic events. April 18 also marks the 118th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the second largest recorded earthquake in California history.

"The Shake Out drill provides our community with a valuable opportunity to practice earthquake response procedures," said Supervisor David Rabbitt, chair of the Board of the Supervisors and a State Seismic Safety Commission member. "Our goal is to ensure that everyone is prepared to protect themselves and assist their neighbors in times of crisis. Let's stay alert and ready."

Previously, Sonoma County participated in the Great California ShakeOut, which is traditionally held in October. However, due to the heightened wildfire risk during that month, local officials, including those in Sonoma County, have chosen to conduct earthquake drills in April.

Earthquakes can occur suddenly, at any time of year, day or night. It's essential for everyone to have a preparedness plan in place, know what to do during tremors and understand how to assist others immediately afterward. Tips for earthquake preparedness include:

  • Practice drop-cover-hold drills with family and neighbors.
  • Secure heavy items in the home and place breakable objects on lower shelves.
  • Establish a family emergency communication plan to stay connected in case of phone line disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Explore earthquake insurance options, whether you rent or own your home.
  • Prepare a seven-day emergency kit for your family and pets.
  • If residing near the coast, educate yourself about tsunamis at

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