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Department of Health Services

Office of Vital Statistics

Medical Marijuana ID Card Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Sonoma County resident in order to receive a MMIC?

What can I submit as proof of residency?

Can I obtain my recommendation for medical marijuana from an out-of-county physician?

Is a medical marijuana recommendation considered a prescription?

Can my caregiver also obtain an MMIC?

Can I have more than one primary caregiver?

Can a primary caregiver care for more than one patient at a time?

Can I have a caregiver who lives out of the county?

Can I be a primary caregiver for a resident of another county?

Is my MMIC recognized in other California counties?

Does a MMIC protect me from all law enforcement?

What information will appear on the MMIC?

What MMIC cardholder personal information is available to anyone (including law enforcement) accessing the MMIC website?

How long will a MMIC be valid?

How do I renew my MMIC?

How do I replace my MMIC if it is lost, stolen or damaged?

What medical documentation is needed to apply for a MMIC?

Can a minor apply for a card?