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Dental Sealants

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What They Are and How They Work

Sealants are a protective layer put on the chewing surface of molars to prevent decay.  By filling in many of the tiniest nooks and crevices reduces the chance of plaque. They can even reverse small amounts of decay. 

Typically, sealants last for 5-10 years, though they are typically applied only once per tooth.  They can be used on both primary (baby) teeth and on permanent teeth.  The material often releases tiny amounts of fluoride where it is needed most – directly on the tooth surface.

How to Get Sealants

Dental Sealants
Dental sealants can prevent cavities when applied to molar teeth.

Sealants are applied by a dentist. Your dentist can check if you currently have sealants on your molars and can make recommendations for your dental health. Your child’s school may be participating in a school sealant program. These programs typically have staff from a community health center come to classrooms to provide for free: education, visual-only exams, fluoride varnish, and dental sealants. Your consent is required before applying sealants to your child’s teeth. Ask your school if they are offering a school sealant program.

Video: How to Seal Out Tooth Decay
Source: American Dental Association.