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Information Systems Department

Content Management System (CMS) Deployment

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The Web Team is implementing a new Content Management System (CMS). Working with stakeholders from all County departments,requirements were gathered to ensure the ideal system is chosen. The new system will be user friendly, intuitive and include tools for creating,organizing publishing,and maintaining digital information on the Internet.


  • Select and implement new CMS
  • Migrate content from current CMS to new
  • Redesign County websites
  • Educate and train
  • Decommission current CMS


  • Implement a new, user-friendly, secure, web-based CMS that includes tools for creating, organizing, publishing, and maintaining digital information on the internet;
  • Migrate existing content to new CMS including documents and images
  • Provide an intuitive and simple user experience for both internal and external users
  • Redesign County websites with a focus on ease of use and mobile first

Status: Vendor Selection Process

Currently in process of selecting CMS vendor based on Request For Proposals (RFP) received. After evaluation, a vendor will be selected and recommended for Board approval.