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Human Resources Department

Occupational Safety & Health Unit

Driving Safety - Trailers

Backhoe Dumptruck Combo Trailer 500

HRT-DST 3  Driver Training - Trailer Pulling, Level 3

THIS COURSE IS BY INVITATION ONLY. The SRJC Public Safety Training Center will provide a 4-hour Level 3 (Trailer Pulling) defensive driving course for Sonoma County employees who frequently drive a vehicle and trailer on County business. The County Vehicle Use Policy requires employees who drive on County business to participate in defensive driver training. This course includes a classroom portion and a hands-on driving portion. During the class, participants will be familiarized with weight distribution, turning radius, basics of backing, correcting for skid of trailer, low speed maneuvering and moderate speed maneuvering.

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: * PRIORITY REGISTRATION is given to those who have not yet taken this course. If you have taken this training course in the past, please do not enroll for this course.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Prerequisite: Driver Training, Level 2

* Each student MUST have his/her own vehicle and a trailer or he/she will be unable to participate in class. NO VEHICLE OR TRAILER SHARING.

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