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Occupational Safety & Health Unit

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The Occupational Safety and Health Unit develops, facilitates and promotes Countywide safety and loss prevention programs for County departments as statutorily required by State and Federal OSHA regulations.  Key objectives are statutory compliance, loss prevention, and risk control of workers compensation costs, as well as, other expenses associated with occupational injury and illness. 

The Unit supports departments in developing effective programs to meet regulatory requirements and manage occupational health and safety, injury prevention, hazardous materials management, fire prevention and emergency preparedness. Additionally, the Unit is available to assist with regulatory Cal-OSHA inspections/citations, corrective actions, and responses in an advisory role.

Ongoing responsibilities of the Safety Unit are: 

  • Collaborating with County Administrator to establish Countywide Safety Management Program objectives, and prioritizes performance goals. 
  • Providing leadership and direction for the County Safety Management Program as authorized by the Board of Supervisors and included in various MOU’s.
  • Monitoring changes in health and safety regulations and providing updates to departments as applicable. 
  • Providing implementation assistance. 
  • Administering Federal Department of Transportation random drug and alcohol testing program including the random collection and testing vendor.
  • Managing Countywide ergonomics program and training of Ergo Coordinators. 
  • Managing the DMV Pull Notice program.
  • Providing supervisor and employee training on various topics. 
  • Providing annual reports to Federal Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics that involves compiling injury and organizational data for specific requested NAICS groups.
  • Managing safety consultants, ergonomic evaluations, training, specialized legal support, and environmental consulting. 
  • Project management support of contracted safety consultants assigned to specific and unique Risk issues in County departments.
  • Coordinates with Disability Management staff on accident investigations and risk control related to occupational injuries.