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Human Resources Department

Occupational Safety & Health Unit

Asbestos Exposure Control

Asbestos Warning Sign on Fence

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was used in numerous building materials and vehicle products for its strength and ability to resist heat and corrosion before its dangerous health effects were discovered. Individual asbestos fibers cannot be seen by the naked eye, which puts workers at an increased potential risk of exposure in areas where building materials known to contain asbestos were used. In 1971, OSHA  published regulations to protect workers from the hazards of asbestos.

To get more information on the applicability of an Asbestos Exposure Control Program for a specific County operation please contact the corresponding departmental Safety Coordinator.

For further information on specific regulatory guidelines please refer to the link(s) below.

Cal-OSHA Construction Safety Orders

Cal-OSHA General Industry Safety Orders