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Sonoma County’s Driver Training Program is a multi-level training program designed to provide the appropriate amount of classroom, behind the wheel and specialized vehicle training to meet the needs of all employees who drive on County business. 

Departments will determine the level of training required for each employee pursuant to the training program guidelines. At a minimum, all employees who drive on County business will attend Level 1 Training provided by their respective department within 90 days of employment.  Level 1 Training will include a review of the County Vehicle Use Policy, as well as, introduction to defensive driving techniques, and employee responsibilities (listed below) while operating vehicles on County business.

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Responsible Driving:  Each County driver shall drive responsibly, anticipate emergency situations and make every effort to avoid collisions. All employees operating a vehicle on County business represent the County of Sonoma and shall always project a professional and responsible image to the public.

  • Following Traffic Laws:  Employees are expected to be knowledgeable of, and follow, all applicable Federal, State and local traffic laws.

  • Driver’s License:  County employees operating vehicles or equipment on County business must have a valid State of California driver's license.

  • Suspended, Revoked or Restricted Driver’s License:  County employees who are required to have a valid California driver’s license to operate vehicles or equipment on County business shall immediately inform their supervisor in the event their driver’s license is suspended, revoked or is otherwise restricted in a way that impacts the employees ability to perform their job. 

Employees considered frequent drivers based on the standard outlined in Paragraph. 2.f. of the Vehicle Use Policy shall also attend Level 2 Training.  Additional levels of training will be established as needed for special or unique driving circumstances and vehicle needs.   It is suggested that Level 1 Training be conducted by departments on a regular basis to ensure new employees are trained within their first 90 days of employment. 

Due to the unique nature of each department or agency's mission, and the different types of vehicles used please contact the corresponding departmental Safety Coordinator for the applicability of their department's Driver Training Program.