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Cal-OSHA Audits & Inspections

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Documentation is usually needed to be able to demonstrate that programs are working. In safety and health, program verification is most commonly achieved through audits and inspections. As part of an organization’s IIPP, OSHA requires regular physical inspections of the workplace to identify new hazards and to verify that existing programs are being followed. Inspections are often combined with a review of written programs and documentation, such as incident reports or statistics.

Routine audits and inspections can be performed by internal personnel and are designed to evaluate the program for improvements. For an objective assessment with improvement recommendations, an employer may choose to hire a consultant. Audits and inspections can be scheduled or unannounced. An unannounced audit or inspection will test to see if an organization is truly following its programs and procedures. Regulatory authorities will often perform unannounced inspections including OSHA. OSHA will also perform inspections if there has been a serious accident or a complaint. These unannounced inspections will often result in citations and penalties if an organization has not been following regulatory requirements.

To get more information concerning OSHA inspections for a specific County operation please contact the corresponding departmental Safety Coordinator.

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