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Lynda Hopkins 2024 Responsibilities

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The Board of Supervisors of the County of Sonoma is charged with the responsibility of establishing policy to guide the various functions of the County and, where necessary, to establish procedures by which functions are performed.  

Ad-Hoc Committees

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS)

Work with Permit Sonoma and County Counsel on: (i) the Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) regulations; and (ii) evaluate options for allowing composting toilets. Engage with stakeholders.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Member

Fire Services

Provide direction to staff on activities to increase revenue to support efforts to create more efficient, effective, and sustainable fire services.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Member

Unincorporated Governance

Provide input to staff to explore options to improve the delivery of governance services that are either lacking or insufficient in the unincorporated areas.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Member

See Ad-Hoc Committee assignments for all Supervisors

Countywide Assignments

Aging Together

Serve as the steering committee for the County’s Aging Together initiative.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

North Coast Air Basin Control District

Air districts are grouped by air basins which represent an air shed. Northern Sonoma County belongs to the North Coast Air Basin along with Mendocino County Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and the North Coast Unified AQMD.  By statute, these Districts are members of the North Coast Air Basin Control Council (BCC). 

A representative from Lake County Air Pollution Control District also participates through an MOU. The purpose of the BCC is to work with the Districts to coordinate all air pollution control activities and programs to best serve the public and ensure that the North Coast Air Basin is, or will be, in compliance with the requirements of State and Federal law.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

Renewal Enterprise District JPA

A Joint Powers Authority (JPA) will govern the RED with the initial governing Board consisting of two elected officials each from the County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa.

The initial RED JPA will be limited to a 24-month pilot phase.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

Sonoma Clean Power Authority

Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is the new, locally controlled electricity provider in Sonoma County. SCP provides residential and business customers across the county the option of using environmentally friendly power, generated by renewable sources, like solar, wind and geothermal. At competitive rates.

SCP is a non-profit agency, independently run by the nine Sonoma County cities and the County, which represents unincorporated communities.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Primary

Sonoma County Transportation Authority / Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority

Sonoma County Transportation Authority serves as the coordinating and advocacy agency for transportation funding for Sonoma County and is governed by a twelve member Board of Directors who work to maintain and improve the transportation network. 

Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority improves coordination on climate change issues and establish a clearinghouse for efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The RCPA is made up of the same Board of Directors as the SCTA and includes representatives from each of the nine cities in Sonoma County and the Board of Supervisors.

Meets monthly the second Monday.

Upcoming Meetings

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Primary

Upstream Investments

Chartered by the Board of Supervisors to understand the antecedents to criminal behavior and to identify upstream interventions that reduce downstream criminal justice costs.

Meets every other month. No reoccurring days.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

Zero Waste Sonoma 

The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, formed in April 1992, is the joint powers authority of the nine incorporated cities and the County of Sonoma. The mission of the Agency is waste diversion required by State law AB939. The Agency's programs include household hazardous waste, composting, wood waste recycling, planning and education

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

See Countywide assignments for all Supervisors

Regional Assignments

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Committed to attaining and maintaining air quality standards, increasing public awareness of positive air quality choices, developing and implementing protocol and policies for environmental justice.

(Note: 4 year term 1/5/21-1/5/25)

Meets monthly the first and third Wednesday at 9:45 AM.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Primary

Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District

The Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for district governance and policy for the implementation of local, state and federal air quality regulations. The BOD appoints hearing board members to oversee appeals and supervises an executive officer (the Air Pollution Control Officer) who manages permits, compliance, and other district business.  

Unique to calendar year 2017, the BOD is newly-recomposed, including seats added for city representatives (Healdsburg, Cloverdale and Windsor).  First BOD meeting will adopt bylaws and address fundamental district business matters. 

(Note: 1-year terms)

Supervisors from Districts 4 and 5 will have default assignments on the District BOD.

Meets every other month or as needed.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Primary

Eel Russian River Commission 

Promotes proper watershed conservation and flood control measures, and promotes public and private economic development activities in the Eel and Russian River watersheds for the general benefit of the citizens in the participating counties of Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma.

Meets as needed no more than 3 times per year.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

North Bay North Coast Broadband Consortium Oversight Board

Regional broadband planning consortium consisting of Sonoma, Mendocino, Marin and Napa counties to work collaboratively to address regional broadband problems and enhance the County’s ability to attract future grant funding for broadband deployment and adoption projects.

Meets quarterly.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

Public Policy Facilitating Committee

Created when the Sonoma County Water Agency, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Mendocino Russian River Flood Control and Water Conversation Improvement District began a Section 7 consultation – a federal process, spelled out in the Endangered Species Act – on the Russian River project. 

The agencies were consulting on three listed fish species and meet annually or biannually to receive updates and information as the Biological Opinion is implemented.

Meets once per year.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Primary

Russian River Watershed Association

An association of nine cities, counties and special districts in the Russian River Watershed that have come together to coordinate regional programs for clean water, fisheries restoration and watershed enhancement, and to promote cooperation and implementation of projects that protect watershed resources, restore fisheries and improve water quality at reduced cost to taxpayers.

Meets monthly the fourth Thursday.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Primary

See Regional assignments for all Supervisors

State Assignments

Rural Counties Representatives of California

RCRC works with its membership to advocate on behalf of rural issues at the state and federal levels.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

Golden State Finance Authority

GSFA is a local housing finance authority and a duly constituted public entity and agency, organized in 1993 and existing under and by virtue of Title 1 of the Government Code of the State of California (Articles 1-4 of Chapter 5 of Division 7).

GSFA has supported affordable homeownership in California for over two decades, providing homeownership programs featuring competitive interest rates and down payment assistance.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

Golden State Connect Authority

Expand broadband in rural counties through the pursuit of technical assistance and funding for member counties; and, Install and operate open-access, municipal broadband infrastructure, starting with select initial locations and then expanding to additional project areas.

Supervisor Hopkins' Role: Alternate

See state assignments for all Supervisors