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About UKG Pro

The UKG Pro System will support real-time processing of all transactions related to the County's time and attendance data collection including:

Time Collection:

Most County employees have access to the UKG Pro system on the web. Those without access to a computer or kiosk have designated time-keepers or payroll clerks to enter their time data. Employees access the system, based upon their security rating, through either the Internet or the County Intranet. All data interfaces directly with the County’s payroll system, thus eliminating the need for payroll clerks to compile, correct, summarize, and manually key time transactions for most employees every other week!

Cost Accounting

The system allows County employees to enter labor distribution information (project, activity, task, etc.) in combination with time and attendance information. This provides a foundation for county-wide cost accounting.


Schedules for each employee are maintained in the system and serve as a basis for applying the correct pay rules and pay codes.


The system provides real-time employee reports (time, attendance, earnings, leave balances, etc.), as well as departmental reports (electronic and paper).