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Other Applicable Best Management Practices

  1. Check temporary erosion control measures and repair as needed before, during and after storms. Remove sediment as needed from silt fences, sandbags, straw wattles, and sediment traps. Permanent measures, such as seeding, planting, and rocking, are preferred once the source of any runoff problem is corrected.
  2. Use of a no-till drill (or similar equipment approved by the Ag Dept), will not constitute soil disturbance and may be utilized at all times of the year when soil moisture conditions allow without installing other BMPs.
  3. Manure and compost that is surface applied to disturbed soil must be tilled-in when a storm event is forecast to occur (30 percent or more chance of rain) by NOAA or NWS within 48 hours and is likely to produce runoff from the treated area.
  4. Where storm water runoff is conveyed to the stream by swales, ditches, or piped drainage systems, appropriate erosion and sedimentation controls shall be utilized at the drainage inlets (if applicable) and points of discharge to the stream in addition to any other necessary controls within the setback. Appropriate erosion and sediment controls may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Vegetated filter strips
    2. Trash racks and sediment traps at drainage inlets
    3. Rocked energy dissipaters at drainage outlets o Vegetated check dams or straw bale sediment barriers along ditches or swales
    4. Daylighting of underground outlets to rocked ditches or vegetated swales
    5. Sediment or infiltration basins
  5. Alternatively, drainage pipes may be discharged upslope of riparian areas and stream banks. See attached Appendix C for examples of correctly designed and installed drainage controls.
  6. Pesticide storage and applications must be in accordance with the pesticide’s registered label and all applicable laws and regulations.
  7. Soil amendments, fuel, and motorized equipment must be properly stored to prevent pollution discharge from these sources into streams.

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