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Invasive Species Removal

Property Operators planning to remove invasive vegetation in the riparian corridor must employ the following practices:

  • Prior to commencing any vegetation removal in the Streamside Conservation Area, the property operator shall document the Contiguous Riparian Vegetation boundary. This can be accomplished using stakes, aerial photos, photographs, LiDAR survey data, or other equivalent methods.
  • Areas cleared of invasive vegetation within the SCA must be restored to the original Contiguous Riparian Vegetation footprint by replanting with non-invasive riparian species.
  • Invasive vegetation removal projects shall be designed to promote beneficial riparian functions, and shall not exceed five (5) acres.
  • Invasive vegetation removal shall not occur from October 15 to May 15; and shall be accomplished principally involving hand labor and not using mechanized equipment. Powered hand tools are allowed.

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