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Soil disturbance during the non-rainy season (April 16 – October 14)

In the event that a storm likely to produce runoff from the disturbed area is forecast to occur (30 percent or more chance of rain by National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and National Weather Service: within 48 hours),

Growers shall:

  •  Ensure sufficient vegetative cover such as planted cover-crop, or native recruitment of size and density to prevent erosion, OR
  • Apply straw mulch at a rate of 2 tons per acre, wood chips at 5 to 6 tons per acre, or another non-leaching material (use of pomace not permitted) at a rate protective of water quality over all disturbed soils within the setback. Mulch must be in place prior to any rain event forecast by: NOAA/NWS: that is likely to produce runoff, OR
  • Construct and maintain perimeter controls sufficient to prevent eroded materials in storm water from entering the waterway.

See Appendix C for examples of sufficient and correctly installed cover crop, straw mulch application, and perimeter controls.

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