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Monday Night ACS Net Script

The Countywide ACS Net is held every Monday at 7:00 PM on the K6ACS 146.73- (R) 88.5 PL repeater.  Mondays that fall onto County observed holidays do not have nets. County Holiday Calendar

Italic text in the net script is not to be read unless otherwise stated.

6:55 PM

This is (name/call); 5 min notice of ACS net.

7:00 PM

This is (name/call), Net Control Station for the Sonoma County Operational Area Auxiliary Communications Service.

This net meets every Monday evening at 1900 hrs. This is a directed net. All stations should direct their traffic through the Net Control Station. If you have an emergency during the net, indicate so with the words “emergency traffic” on your first key-up.

The purpose of this net is to share information with ACS volunteers and practice the skills of traffic handling and standard net control operations.

At this time, are there any administrative announcements?

At this time I will call on the various ACS representatives for their reports:

There is no need to call individuals by call sign - just ask for representatives. Verify the Net Control Station rotation for the next scheduled net.

Are there any other agency representatives that wish to check in or make an announcement?

Are there any general announcements? (Repeat as needed.)

Are there any stations that want more information about ACS or needs local area net information, may check in now.

Take any check-ins and handle as appropriate. Greet all visitors and invite them to join local nets. Anyone interested in information about ACS can be referred to the ACS website at: “sonoma dash county dash A C S dot O R G”

  • Bodega Bay Unit Representative 147.975- (R) 88.5 PL Tuesday night at 1700 hrs
  • Central County Unit Representative 145.350- (R) 88.5 PL following this net
  • Coast Unit Representative 147.825- (R) 103.5 PL Tuesdays at 1900 hrs
  • North County Unit Representative 146.730- (R) 88.5 PL following this net
  • Sonoma Valley Unit Representative 146.205+ (R) 88.5 PL Mondays at 1930 hrs
  • South County Unit Representative 146.910- (R) 88.5 PL following this net

This is (name/call) closing the Sonoma County Operational Area ACS Emergency Communications Net. At this time all stations should move to their local area net frequency and check in for additional information and discussion, have a good night.

Contact Information

Sam Wallis, Community Alert & Warning Program Manager
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
2300 County Center Drive
Suite 220 B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.46229, -122.725377

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