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Probation Department

Probation Camp

Culinary Program Catering Services

Under the Direction of Chef Greg Hallihan

Catering your event helps us to teach real world skills to our youth!

Menus from casual to formal - all tastes and budgets welcome!

  • Lunch | Dinner | Appetizer Mixers
  • Buffet | Plated | Family Style
  • Parties from 20 to 300!
  • Appetizers starting at $3 
  • Entrees starting at $10
  • See the Menu!

A complete Culinary Arts program is offered to all Probation Camp youth, including Catering and Food Service.

Residents work towards receiving Camp Employability Skills Competency Certificates in Food Services and their California Food Handlers Certificate. The youth will them be employable by local restaurants as food preparation and service staff.

The Camp residents, under the instruction of Chef Hallihan, participate in all cooking, baking and service for the events, which in turn gives them valuable experience.